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Family Friendly Excursions Everyone Will Love In Batticaloa

Batticaloa, best known as Batti, is a small beach-side town, which will interest just about anyone. The town is often overshadowed by the larger more populated seaside towns around the island like Trincomalee or Arugam Bay. However, if you’re planning a family holiday to this east coast town, here are some excursions that will keep the entire troupe entertained, from a boat safari to a snorkelling adventure.

Boat Safari

Batticaloa is a picturesque town that is home to a fair share of mangrove surrounded lagoons. The largest being the Batticaloa lagoon which stretches out for over 50km before it finally leads into the sea. Embark on a scenic, slow boat ride with your family, and cruise along the murky waters of the lagoon. Your kids will particularly enjoy spotting different animals which include birds and water monitors.

Batticaloa Lighthouse

This is one of Sri Lanka’s smallest lighthouses and is 28m tall. The lighthouse was built by the British in 1913 and on a spit of land which is surrounded by lagoon waters and mangroves. You can get to the top thanks to a series of ladders. Be amazed at the stunning view from the Batticaloa Lighthouse, where the island’s rugged jungles mix with the cobalt blue of the ocean.

Pasikudah Beach

Need a break from exploring? Drive down to the nearby town of Pasikudah. The beach (which forms the Pasikudah Bay), is ideal for non-swimmers and is completely safe for kids. The waters of Pasikudah are the calmest in the country; since it is a natural bay, the beach is protected from large waves and there is almost never a strong current, which makes it safe for swimming – and one of our favourite child-friendly beaches! Also, since the water is so calm, many hotels along Pasikudah beach offer a variety of watersports from jet skiing to banana boat rides. Whether you’re travelling with older children or younger ones, they’re sure to love spending the day on this strip of paradise.


In the need for some adventure? Try snorkelling in the morning or afternoons around the island’s stunning coral reefs. While Pasikudah is a great spot for swimming or lazing by the beach, it also has some great spots for snorkelling, however, the best snorkelling experience is at the offshore reefs. Hire a boat and set sail on a tour to the depths of the Indian Ocean where you can dive into the warm blue waters and enjoy a snorkelling excursion. Check out our blog, if you’re looking for the best snorkelling spots on the island?

Batticaloa Fort

Enjoy a stroll back in time when you visit the Batticaloa Fort. One of the country’s ancient colonial forts, this fort was built in 1628 by the Portuguese, however, ten years later the Dutch heavily fortified it, during their occupation. The Batti Fort is often thought to be the most picturesque ancient fort as it is surrounded by a lagoon and inlet of the sea. This is the perfect place to wind down with the whole family after a whole day of swimming! Pack a picnic with some snacks and refreshments too!

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