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What to do in Batticaloa with your kids

Located on the east coast of the island, Batticaloa is a quaint town that has golden beaches, murky lagoons and many crumbling colonial structures. Often overlooked, the town offers a plethora of undiscovered locations that are ideal for those looking to explore the lesser-known areas of Sri Lanka. If you’re travelling with your family, here are some of the things you can do in Batticaloa!

Batticaloa Lighthouse

The Batticaloa Lighthouse is yet another reminder of the colonial era which had a strong influence on this town. Built during the reign of the British in 1913, the lighthouse sits right on the crossroads where the Batticaloa Lagoon meets the Indian Ocean, greeting any ship coming in from the east. This lighthouse is probably one of the smallest, measuring only 28m in height, however, it is probably one of the most picturesque, since it is nestled between the lagoon and the ocean. Also, kids will especially enjoy the park at the base of the lighthouse; relish in your surroundings while the kids play in the park.

Batticaloa Lagoon

The Batticaloa Lagoon is one of the town’s biggest attractions. This large body of water houses many exotic species of flora and fauna. The lagoon is surrounded by mangrove forests and bird lovers will rejoice since many endemic and migratory bird species nests here. The lagoon waters are also home to many exotic creatures like monitor lizards and crocodiles. One popular activity which you and your family could partake is to embark on a boat ride along the emerald waters. There are many traditional fishing boats; known as ‘oruwas’ steered by local fishermen providing an exciting experience for the entire family.

Pasikudah Beach

Pasikudah Beach is one of Sri Lanka’s most famous beaches on the east coast. Even though Pasikudah is about a 30-minute drive away from Batticaloa, which is a great day trip for the whole family. In Pasikudah, there are a whole host of watersports on offer from snorkelling to jet skiing– do check it out because there is truly something for everyone. You can even relax by the beach- or frolic in the calm, gentle waters of Pasikudah Bay instead – ideal for leisurely swimming with your kids!

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