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Surfing With Kids? Here Are The Best Surfing Spots In Sri Lanka

Over the years, Sri Lanka has solidified its position as an ‘it’ surfing destination. Palm-fringed golden beaches wrap around the island, which is surrounded by gorgeous blue waters, and if you’re looking for a surfing holiday, our island is the perfect place for you! When you’re travelling to the sunny island with your kids, finding the right surfing spot is crucial. Whether you’re heading to the south or the east, here are some of the best places to surf with kids during your holiday in Sri Lanka. 

The South Coast

If you’re a family of pros or just a couple of beginners, the south coast waves caters to both! Beginners, head over to Weligama to learn the ropes and test the waters while the professionals catch the best breaks in Mirissa – roughly 20 minutes from each other, yet strikingly different towns. 

When to Surf?

Keep in mind that the best season for surfing on the south coast is from October – April.

Where to Surf?

  • Weligama – For the Beginners
    Weligama is possibly the best spot for surfing beginners in Sri Lanka. Weligama Bay is a 2km stretch of shallow beach with calm waters that provide the perfect conditions for those interested in learning how to surf. Catering to this, there are also numerous surf schools dotted along the beach which offer lessons and surf board rentals for those interested in conquering the rolling blue waves!
  • Midigama – For the Intermediates
    Midigama has become a popular surfing town, with surfers visiting from all over the world to ride its waves. Midigama’s Lazy Left point is a great place for intermediate surfers as well as first time reef surfers. There is a deep reef churns waves that can reach up to 6ft! Depending on your family’s surfing capabilities, ensure to take necessary precaution when surfing with kids. 
  • Mirissa – For the Experts 
    Mirissa is a beautiful crescent shaped beach shrouded by towering coconut trees. The roaring waves are a hot  spot for more experienced surfers. If you and the kids have a bit of skill under your belt, head to sunny Mirrisa to fulfill your hunger for surfing! 

The East Coast

The east coast of Sri Lanka has gained popularity over the years, and Arugam Bay has become a world-renowned surfing destination.  Arugam Bay is ideally suited for experienced surfers, here are some of the best surfing breaks.  

When to Surf?

The season for surfing on the east coast is from April – late September, as that is when the sea is at its calmest and the weather is at its best.

Where to Surf?

  • Main Point – For the Experts
    Located on the south of the bay, this break is one of the most popular surf points in the area. There is a deep reef and strong winds which fuel some powerful waves– a great point for intermediate and experienced surfers.
  • Baby Point – For the Beginners
    A stone’s throw away from Main Point, this is the ideal spot for beginners. Baby Point consists of a shallow sandy bottom, so it won’t be too dangerous if you fall. If it’s your kids’ first time learning how to surf, take them here for a quick lesson or two first.
  • Crocodile Rock – For the Beginners & Intermediates 
    This is a super surf point for beginner and intermediate level surfers. A little farther along Arugam Bay than the previous two, Crocodile Rock is more sheltered and produces some nice long waves. 

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