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Crocodile Rock

Just a couple hundred metres south from the ever-famous Arugam Bay lies the slightly more elusive Crocodile Rock. While its world-famous neighbour is better known for being an amazing surf spot, Crocodile Rock, too, serves as a great surf escape!

Bordering Yala National Park, Arugam Bay is fortunate enough to have tons of wildlife on its outskirts, and a part of this biodiversity can be witnessed at Crocodile Rock as well. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s sandwiched between patches of jungle and the ocean.

The rocky outcrop that is Crocodile Rock offers visitors the best of both worlds—just the right amount of wilderness tied in with perfect waves. When you venture into the jungle, you could certainly catch glimpses of Sri Lanka’s beautiful fauna if you keep your eyes peeled. Of course, this includes crocodiles, so watch out for any warning signs set up around you!

Whereas Crocodile Rock as a surf spot is not as crowded as the more frequented spots in Arugam Bay, meaning you’re less likely to have to compete for the best waves. Located about 314km east of Colombo, Crocodile Rock provides surfers with moderately frequent point breaks, with waves reaching up to 400m in height on average. It’s also a great spot for surfers of all skill levels, so if you’re relatively new to this, don’t be shy to pay a visit!

If the focus of your visit is mainly surfing, keep an eye on the forecasts as Sri Lanka has fluctuating weather conditions throughout the year across the island, and a mid-monsoon surf won’t really make for a fun ride! The surf is best during the months of July to August, with the season starting in May and concluding in September.