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Panama Tank

About 12 km south of Arugam Bay lies the coastal village known as Panama (not to be confused with the country!). The village is a great place for wildlife spotting, with the Kumana Bird Sanctuary and Heritage Park aligning its southernmost borders. But pretty birds are not all this serene village has to offer! It’s also home to the picturesque Panama Tank.

Panama Tank, also known as Crocodile Point, is a lush, green wonderland of sorts! The tank is located about 430km from Colombo, and is about 14km from Pottuvil Point. The ride to Panama Tank from Arugam Bay is short, lasting about 20 minutes overall, but the short drive will take you through numerous sceneries, all of which are quite Instagram-worthy.

You’ll be driving through tranquil rural villages, and past the sea and forests before you finally find yourself at Panama Tank. You’ll realise that the name Crocodile Point is quite apt once you get there, as you’ll see dozens of these quick-and-deadly predators lounging about in the distance. These age-old living fossils are best left alone, but they do make for an interesting viewing experience (if you maintain your distance!).

Sri Lanka has quite a history with crocodiles. In 2016, Sri Lankans managed to rescue a crocodile in Matara that was stuck in a canal. This croc was soon acknowledged as one of the largest crocodiles recorded in the world! So, if you’re looking for some record-breaking giants, then perhaps Sri Lanka is the place to be?

Additionally, Panama Tank is also a great place to spot some rare birds, quite possibly due to the neighbouring bird sanctuary. They usually roost in the clusters of greenery that erupt from the tank, but many of them often circle the forests as well!