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Romantic Adventures in Kitulgala

Kitulgala is situated in the western province on the edge of a verdant rainforest and is the perfect place for an adventurous couple. Whether you’re looking for new ways to test your love on the island or simply a thrill-seeker in search of the best white water rapids; head down to Kitulgala! From jetting through the white water rapids to flying high above the treetops, here are some of the few romantically adventurous things you can do. 

White Water Kayaking

While Kitulgala is Sri Lanka’s #1 spot for white water rafting, unless you’re travelling with another couple, you might not be able to partake in this excursion with just the two of you! However, a great alternative to white water rafting, is kayaking. Opt for white water kayaking, where just you and your partner can experience Kitulgala’s world-class rapids together. There are different levels of rapids in Kitulgala, so if you have little/no experience at all you don’t need to worry, as the adventure centres will prep and provide you with the necessary gear to get you going! 

Forest Walk

One of the most amazing things about Sri Lanka is that it has a wide variety of landscapes that looks so different from each other. Go on an exciting nature walk under the canopy of the Kitulgala Forest Reserve. On your guided walk, you will go through dense jungles, see endemic plants and encounter exotic wildlife. This is an extremely romantic activity as you two can get lost in nature without ever really getting lost!


Ziplining is undoubtedly one of the most exciting activities to partake in. There are many nature camps in Kitulgala which provide this experience and you should definitely try it. While you scream from the excitement on your way down, remember to keep your eyes open so you can admire the beauty of Kitulgala from above; with acres and acres of greenery stretching out below you! Between the vegetation, you’ll catch glimpses of the Kelani river and its white rapids as it winds its way through the forest.

Belilena Cave 

Belilena Cave is one of the largest prehistoric caves in the country and it is the best-known for being the site where the remains of the 12,000-year Balangoda Man was found. To get to the cave you and your partner can hike through lush tea and rubber plantations before making a 1km ascent till you finally reach the mouth of this large cave. This activity is a fun way to combine history and adventure, all the while being swept up in the beauty of nature. 

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