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Best Surfing Breaks in Arugam Bay

Grab your surf board and sun screen and surf in Sri Lanka’s most famous surfing destination. Dotted with some of the finest beaches in Asia which are hotspots for a diverse range of activities, Arugam Bay is a gem for surfers and is definitely one of the best places to visit your friends. With numerous surf breaks to take advantage of, here’s what are the best surfing breaks in Arugam Bay.

Main Point

This particular surfing point is quite a challenge for even the more seasoned surfer, as the surf breaks are near the rocks, and fall into the coral reef. Therefore, only intermediate and professionals are highly advised to take advantage of this spot. Even then, it is recommended that the tides are examined and the swells are studied, in order to make sure that no mishaps can happen. If everything is done right, any surfer will get to enjoy some of the best surf breaks in the island in the best possible way.

Baby Point

As the name suggests, Baby Point is an idyllic destination to experience the easier surf breaks in the area, therefore, making it perfect for groups of novice surfers to find those surfing legs. The surf break here usually starts and ends in a sandy bottom, which is safe. However, it has to be noted that the season for surfing here is quite different when compared to other surfing points in the area. August is considered the best time to visit the area for surfing. If you are lucky though, you can also surf during the off season such as the months of January and February.

Elephant Rock

Elephant Rock surfing point is, somewhat, of a hidden destination, as it can only be accessed via a trek over a steep rock. The surf breaks here are quite challenging, however, if you and your friends are slightly more experienced, then this surfing point is perfect. The month of July is considered the best time for surfing here, so head out in the morning hours to catch the best waves of the day.

Whisky Point

Whisky Point is geared towards the more adept surfers, as the swells are quite big. It is so challenging that this particular surfing point is also used as a venue for surfing competitions. Due to the popularity of the surf breaks though, there is always quite a crowd gathered here during the season. However, if you and your friends surf in the morning, it is possible to have the beach to yourselves so you can make the most out of the swells.

Pottuvil Point

Pottuvil Point is a very interesting point in that it is often flocked by many locals. Moreover, the swells are predictable but quite tall, which is perfect for the intermediate surfer. The season is very similar to the other surfing points in the area, however, the best months to experience this particular surf break is during the end of June. Just like any other surf point in the area, the best time to visit the Pottuvil Point for surfing is early morning.

Arugam Bay is a kaleidoscopic town on the eastern coast of the island that attracts many adventure enthusiasts, and even the leisure seeker due to its golden sandy beaches.

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