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5 Insta-Worthy Lighthouses To Add To Your Travel List In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been an important maritime stop due to its central location and its role in the Silk Route, as a result, the country was colonised thrice over by different foreign powers: the Portuguese, Dutch and British. The Portuguese built forts which the Dutch further fortified, and you can click here for a list of Sri Lanka’s ancient forts. If you are interested in history and enjoy travelling you will definitely love visiting these lighthouses in Sri Lanka.

Great Basses Reef Lighthouse

This is perhaps the most interesting of Sri Lanka’s lighthouses; the Great Basses Reef Lighthouse is situated 13km off the coast of Yala National Park on the south of the island, and it is one of the few offshore lighthouses in the whole of Asia. Construction for the lighthouse began in 1870 and was completed 3 years later when Sri Lanka was still a colony of Britain. The lighthouse itself is very beautiful as its white tower is set against the azure ocean, but an added bonus is that the reef around the lighthouse is teeming with different species of coral and fish, so when you’re there you must go snorkelling.

Dondra Head Lighthouse

Proudly known as Sri Lanka’s tallest lighthouse, the Dondra Head Lighthouse, located in the Matara district at the southernmost point of the island, was constructed in 1890 with materials that were imported from all over the UK. The lighthouse has withstood the test of time, and today it stands tall dwarfing its surrounding coconut trees, making it a picturesque spot.

Batticaloa Lighthouse

The Batticaloa Lighthouse is a relatively new one- built in 1913- and one of the country’s smaller lighthouses. It is just 5km from Batticaloa town and it is surrounded by the lagoon. One way to get to the lighthouse is by boat, which is a must in Sri Lanka because the mangroves of the lagoon are home to some endemic animals and plants.

Colombo Lighthouse

The Colombo Lighthouse was constructed in 1952 after the Old Colombo Lighthouse was deactivated when skyscrapers obstructed its light. The Colombo Lighthouse was opened by the first Prime Minister of Ceylon. There are four statues of lions at the base of the tower which is 95ft tall. It had a panoramic view of the ocean making it a popular landmark, however, during the Civil War, the area was closed off since it was opposite a naval base. Today, the lighthouse is still functional and people can visit it, but it is no longer close to the ocean due to the construction of the Colombo Port City.

Galle Lighthouse

Galle Lighthouse, also known as Point de Galle Light, is an onshore lighthouse situated within the Galle Fort. This is Sri Lanka’s oldest light station, dating back to 1848. The lighthouse that stands today, however, is not the original one; the one you see today was built in 1939 after the first lighthouse was destroyed in 1934 by a fire. Nevertheless, this lighthouse is unique because of its location, and it is still functional as it is at the southern end of the ramparts. You should go to the ramparts in the evening and watch the sunset from there, washing the lighthouse is a pinkish glow.