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Old Galle Buck Lighthouse

A little further on from the well-known Galle Face Green lies the Old Galle Buck Lighthouse, situated in the centre of the rapidly developing zone of the Colombo Port City. The popularity of Galle Face Green has overshadowed the draw of this lighthouse, resulting in a tranquil tourist destination that very few travellers add to their itineraries. The lighthouse was first opened in 1952, and features stunning views of the Indian Ocean at sunset, set against a backdrop of the urbanized centre of Colombo City. The lighthouse is open to the public all year round, but is perhaps best viewed after 5PM in order to take in the magnificent views.

The Old Galle Buck Lighthouse rises to a height of 29 meters out of a 12-meter tall concrete base, anchored by statues of lions at its four corners. It makes itself known to sea vessels by flashing its lights three times every ten seconds. In the evenings, the relative peace of its surroundings makes it an ideal location for those looking to relax with a book and watch the sunset. You need only cross the street to the quaint restaurant opposite the lighthouse; which is said to have started out as a Naval catering unit, and today can be seen to be frequented by members of the Sri Lankan Navy.