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What To Do In Mirissa With Your Family

Found on the south coast of Sri Lanka, Mirissa is the ultimate place for a beach getaway. It has fabulous golden sandy beaches, excellent waves for surfing, and some amazing snorkelling points– with so much to offer in one place, Mirissa should be your family’s next holiday.

Parrot Rock

Parrot Rock is a small islet just offshore from Mirissa beach; when the tide is low you can walk across a small spit of land where you can get a wonderful view of the ocean and the palm-fringed beaches of Mirissa, but when the tide comes in, Parrot Rock becomes an incredible snorkelling site. Surrounded by small rocks which are covered with coral, Parrot Rock has become a small reef of sorts where you can spot an innumerable amount of colourful fish and various other species of marine life. It is also a great activity to partake in with young kids, as the water isn’t too deep around the rock making it much safer than other spots.

Whale Watching

Mirissa is the premier whale watching location in Sri Lanka. Spinner dolphins, blue whales and sperm whales frequent the waters here, as well as the occasional killer whale. The season for whale watching is from November – April, as this is when the sea is at its calmest and the warm waters attract whales from cooler climes. There are a number of tour operators who will organise the boat ride for you and your family and to increase your chances of seeing a whale, you should go early in the morning.


One of the best things about Sri Lanka is that you can never really miss “the season” as the monsoon cycle moves from coast to coast throughout the year, so if you miss the surfing season in Arugam Bay you will still make it in time for Mirissa which is from November – April. If you and your family don’t have any surfing experience don’t worry, there are surf schools dotted all along the coast. Equally, if you and your family are more experienced, you can just rent boards from these centres as well. One thing is certain though: the whole family will enjoy it.

Coconut Tree Hill

This isn’t necessarily an activity or excursion but a picturesque spot. Coconut Tree Hill is where the most iconic Mirissa Instagrammed picture is taken at. It is close to the main road so you can get there by tuk-tuk and get dropped right in front of the “spot”. The place is essentially a small rocky cliff that overlooks the ocean and is surrounded by tall coconut trees. It is a lovely place to watch the sunset on your way back from the beach.