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Watersport Adventures in Kitulgala that are Great for Your Kids

Are you planning a family getaway to Kitulgala? Whether you’re looking for a new challenging experience to get the kids away from the TV and their phones, or your family of adventure seekers are in need of some excitement and a shot of adrenaline, head down to Kitulgala. Jet through the white water rapids on a raft or slide down a waterfall into a pool of ice-cold water; the list of family-friendly water sports are endless! With many adventure camps located in town offering a myriad of activities to partake in, including white water rafting and canyoning; you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are some of the watersports that are great for the whole family, especially if your kids are over 13 years. 

White Water Rafting

White water rafting is an exciting thing to do in Kitulgala, especially if your kids are above the age of 13. Kitulgala is a prime location for white water rafting as the renowned Kelani River winds through this region, covering 5 major rapids as well as 4 minor rapids. There are different rapids to suit every level, so if this is your first time, you’ll be given a quick lesson on battling the rapids safely. Life jackets and other safety precautions will also be carried out by the instructors. It’s a great way to bond with your kids as you learn some crucial skills together. 


If the kids aren’t jumping up at the idea of rafting through white water rapids, a kayaking excursion will be the next best alternative. Cruise along the more gentle parts of the Kelani river and enjoy the endemic flora and fauna that thrives along the river banks. Also, another highlight is the famous bridge which was featured in the movie ‘The Bridge Over River Kwai’. 


One of the most thrilling activities to partake in Kitulgala is abseiling, an exhilarating way to ascend/descend from a waterfall! As the town experiences two monsoon cycles, it’s one of the wettest regions in Sri Lanka; which means – you’re bound to spot waterfalls at almost every turn. Some waterfalls, however, are there to more than simply admire. Abseiling is a fun activity where you can scale up/down a waterfall before diving into the cool water below. You’ll be strapped with the necessary equipment and harness from the adventure centre, to ensure safety. Regardless of age, the entire family is bound to love this memorable experience! 

Canyoning (Rock Sliding)

Canyoning is nature’s equivalent to the mat slides you find at a kid’s playground! Slide down the slippery face of a cascade into a natural pool of refreshingly cold water at the bottom. This safe and fun activity is a great way to end your adventures in Kitulgala. The adventure centre will equip you with the necessary gear so even non-swimmers can safely enjoy the experience. Once you’re ready to go, tuck your hands to your chest and get ready for a freezing thrill! 

Travelling to Sri Lanka with Kids

Travelling to the island with your family will be a fun and memorable experience. With plenty of child-friendly accommodation and transport options, from a private vehicle to scenic adventures on the train, you can travel around the country with kids easily. Do remember to pack a bunch of local snacks to munch on before setting forth on your adventures.


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