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Things To Do With Your Kids In Negombo

After a few hours of flying, your kids are most likely cranky and in desperate need of stretching their legs. If the idea of travelling by car for another 1 hour and 30 minutes to the main city of Colombo seems daunting, drop by the nearby city of Negombo instead!

Negombo is approximately 20 minutes from the airport and with a number of accommodation options from hostels to luxury family resorts on offer, you and your kids will be relaxing by the beach within a few minutes. It’s the ideal town to start or end your adventures in Sri Lanka. Here are a few things you can do with your kids while you’re in town.


While the waters bordering this town might not be kid-friendly, there are plenty of things to do on the golden coast instead. Locals huddle together on a weekend to engage in a favourite pastime activity – flying kites. The evening skies are dotted in kites of different sizes, shapes and colours. Either grab a kite and teach your kids (or even yourself) the art of flying one or watch in excitement at the variety of kites soaring above you. Building sandcastles and trying out local food is another common activity on the beach and will keep your little one occupied for hours.

If you are travelling down south, here are our pick of family-friendly beaches.

Boat Rides

Reel down from the excitement of being in a new country by embarking on a slow boat ride along the Negombo Lagoon. The mangroves are teeming with exotic flora and fauna and if you’re quiet and patient enough, you might just be able to spot a lurking crocodile or a majestic bird.

Dutch Fort

Fancy a history lesson? No vacation is complete without learning about the town’s rich history, and Negombo fares well in that department. Built by the Dutch during their occupation of the island, enjoy a stroll along the ancient ruins and ramparts of the Dutch Fort while taking in the breath-taking views.

What else to do?

If you and your family are keen on exploring religious places of worship, drop by St. Mary’s Church and the Angurukaramulla Temple. However, remember to be respectful of the shrines and the devotees in attendance. There are a variety of attractions in Negombo to visit too. Families staying at child-friendly hotels will have a myriad of activities available in the hotel itself, from play areas to baby pools, making it the ideal option if the parents need some quiet time away from the energetic brood.