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Fort Frederick

Built in the year 1623 by the Portuguese, the Fort Frederick in Trincomalee is one of the more important forts in the whole of the island, as it is strategically located to overlook the busy harbour of Trincomalee. With the Trincomalee harbour being one of the more important harbours in the whole of Asia, due to its strategic location and natural features, the area has been in the hands of many European colonists. Notable colonizers bring the Portuguese, Dutch, and the British. There were also short stints made by French and Danish, as the fort was an ideal structure to dock an Asian fleet for any sort of warfare.

It is in this very fort that the ancient Koneswaram Temple resides and is a major attraction within the complex. Another attraction within Fort Frederick is the Wellesley Lodge that was once the bungalow of Colonel Arthur Wellesley (later 1st Duke of Wellington). Presently, the building serves as the officer’s mess of a battalion of the Gajaba Regiment of the Sri Lankan Army.

The Swami Rock within the fort is also known to be an ideal location to engage in some whale watching, especially during the season that lasts from June to September.