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Diyaluma Falls

Diyaluma Falls is Sri Lanka’s second-highest waterfall but is possibly the country’s most picturesque one. Diyaluma roughly translates to “rapid flow of water” or “liquid light” and this name is said to have been derived from ancient folklore. It is said that a chief’s son was banished along with his betrothed, and in order to escape they had to scale a cliff, but the girl tragically slipped and fell to her demise. The Gods took pity on the young woman’s death and immediately rushed water over the cliff to wash away any evidence of the tragedy. Despite the heartbreaking story behind the waterfall, it is a must-visit on your trip to Ella. Located an hour away from the town, hike through green shrubs that will lead you to the summit. The large rocks are ideal for relaxing next to the small natural pools.