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Cute Spots For A Date In Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is a small town on the east coast of Sri Lanka, initially only known by ardent surfers, Arugam Bay has become one of the country’s ‘must visit’ destinations.  With its quiet beaches and the encouragement of ‘barefoot living’, set out by local surfers, Arugam Bay is quite the romantic escape – especially for the adventurous couple! Many love-birds with a thirst for adventure and new experiences flock to the world-renowned beaches to surf, explore the unique attractions and more. Here are some cute spots for a date in Arugam Bay

Why Arugam Bay?

Set away from the crowds of the western and southern cities, this east-coast city promises quieter beaches that are ideal for sunset strolls with your partner. Whether you’re looking for a special spot to pop the big question (here are 5 unique ideas for a proposal!) or simply to treat them to a fun experience in away from the hustle and bustle, there are a number of spots to jet off too.

When to go?

Arugam Bay can be visited all year round. However, as the town is most famous for surfing, it’s best to plan your trip here around the best season too. The eastern coast, in particular, should be visited between the months of March to September; which is also known as the prime surfing season. But if you’re in the city for a romantic date night, here are some of the most popular spots we’ve found –

East Beach Surf Resort

This restaurant is right on the beach making it the ideal place for a romantic beachside dinner. They serve a variety of cuisines, but definitely try the fresh seafood since that’s undoubtedly the best!

Karma Gardens

Karma Gardens is a small rustic restaurant that is situated off the coast of Main Point. Think of it more like a shabby chic beach hut with low sofas and colourful flags hanging from the ceiling. Karma Garden serves some great vegetarian and vegan options– ideal for a quick lunch in between surfing sessions.

Waypoint Restaurant

Found within Waypoint Inn right off Main street, their restaurant serves some fantastic Asian food from Sri Lankan noodles to East Asian inspired noodles. Delicious hearty meals served in a very relaxed manner.

Bay Vista Cafe & Restaurant

Bay Vista is another restaurant that is right off Main street; it has some great vegetarian and gluten-free options. Although it has a wonderful beachfront sit out area, they also have a rooftop where you can get a lovely view of the ocean and surfers riding waves.

Note: These restaurants and cafés are in operation at the time of writing this article. Please check for availability by contacting the location directly, prior to visiting. 

Explore Arugam Bay

Extend your date night and wake your partner up for a romantic sunrise on the east coast… or if you’re looking for fun ways to test your love in Sri Lanka, from surfing to hiking – read our blog here for more!

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