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Cosy Up With Your Partner On These Beautiful Viewpoints In Haputale

Haputale is a small sleepy town found on the southern belt of the Sri Lankan hill country. Cold weather and tall peaks covered in a thick carpet of greenery are often shrouded by blankets of mist which are a hallmark of this town. Needless to say, it’s the most romantic setting for couples! Cosy up with your partner and make it a point to check out these romantic viewpoints in Haputale.

Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat promises surreal views of mountains and even as far as the Hambantota harbour! With chilly winds blowing in from the towering mountains, pull your partner into a tight hug as you admire the lush verdant vistas that unfold before you.

Lipton’s Seat was named after the famed Scottish businessman, Thomas Lipton, who introduced tea gardens to Ceylon along with James Taylor. This viewpoint was where Lipton used to host his friends for afternoon tea or enjoy a moment of solitude while he proudly looked over his estate.

The best time to get here is in time for sunrise. Though you might be tempted to sleep in due to the cold weather, waking up early to catch the sunrise is a magical experience you don’t want to miss!  Just before daybreak, the mountains have a blue tinge to them but as the sun rises and it gets warmer, the peaks turn a vibrant green.

Eagle Rock, Thotalagala

Eagle Rock is a hidden treasure; despite being one of the best treks in the region. It is made even better by its lack of crowds, so you and your partner will definitely have a few moments to yourself on the trail or at the peak.

Thotalagala is just a 15-minute drive from Haputale. Eagle Rock is a picturesque trek where you walk past tea bushes and other foliage while you make your way to the top. From the peak, you will see one of the most breathtaking views in Sri Lanka; endless green hills and even a distant view of the coast. Another highlight of the trek is the 700m deep abyss which you will see from the top! Eagle Rock is perfect for the adventurous couple, or for those who are willing to discover the lesser-known attractions and trek away from the crowds.

Idalgashinna Railway Station

Although Idalgashinna Railway Station is not actually a viewpoint, it is one of the most romantic spots in Haputale and it undoubtedly has one of the most magnificent views when you walk along the train tracks.

Built in 1893 during the British rule, Idalgashinna is best known for its 14 tunnels between Ohiya and Idalgashinna. The station and its surroundings are picturesque; Idalgashinna is dwarfed by a hill that is covered by tall pine trees and in the afternoon thick clouds of fog roll in. A walking trail will take you along the train tracks which is quite exciting because on one side of the track is a cliff face and on the other side is an amazing view of other mountains and valleys. This trail is generally not too busy, so you and your partner can enjoy a romantic stroll.


Wangedigala is in one of Sri Lanka’s well-known mountain ranges and is a favourite for avid hikers. This is the ideal excursion for adventurous couples who are willing to hike for about 4 – 5 hours and reap the rewards of their hike from the top of Wangedigala mountain!

The trail to reach the top of Wangedigala is beautiful, as it takes you through thick pine forests. There is also another route that goes through a jungle which is on the right side of the mountain. If you take the first route you will see the famous Bambarakanda Falls, which is Sri Lanka’s tallest waterfall, as well as the other surrounding mountain ranges. At the top, there is a flat plateau which has now become a campsite.

Sunrise and sunsets are magnificent here. For the adventurous duo, try camping at the summit for a memorable experience.

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