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4 Things your Kids will Enjoy in Haputale

Kids are sometimes the hardest but the definitely the most fun type of travellers to cater to. Their young minds and busy feet are constantly curious to discover more about the world around them. If you’re on a family trip to Haputale in Sri Lanka, finding the best things to do that will keep them entertained and intrigued might be challenging.

Haputale is located in the central highlands, nestled between misty mountains of tea and jungle. The rolling hills, the lush green tea estates, the nature reserves, and even historic monuments will captivate the young ones during their holiday. Here are four things your kids will enjoy while exploring this town.

Hiking up the Lipton’s Seat

Lipton’s Seat is one of the most unique attractions in Haputale, as it is a breath-taking mix of natural wonder and historic significance. Back in the day, when tea was first introduced to the island, Sir Thomas Lipton would admire his leafy empire from this spot. It was said that he would sometimes just enjoy the view of the estates and surroundings from here, either alone or with his friends. On a clear day, you’ll even able to see as far as the Hambantota port on the south coast!

How to get here – Lipton’s Seat can be reached by vehicle or on foot. If your kids have pent up energy, take them on a long, adventurous walk along the tea estates to the reach this viewpoint.

When to visit – Most travellers get to Lipton’s Seat for the sunrise, as by 10 am, thick blankets of mist might impact the visibility of your view.

Exploring Adisham Hall

Built in 1931 by Sir Thoman Villiers, an English tea planter and aristocrat, Adisham Hall is an old bricked country house that’s surrounded by a manicured garden of flowers and a small orchard, which looks picturesque against the backdrop of mountain silhouettes.

Commonly referred to as Adisham Bungalow, it was converted into a monastery in 1961 after the Roman Catholic Church bought it. While the main living spaces are open for the public, most of the property is still used as the monastery and hence closed off for outsiders. The monks that live here even run their own mini store, located just outside the main building. Selling a variety of fresh, homemade jams and pickles and fresh desserts and juices, treat your kids to a delectable delight at the end of the tour. Adisham Hall is a good prequel for the family to explore, before trekking through the Thangamale Bird Sanctuary as it is located right next to it.

Open times – Visit from 9am – 4pm.

What you’ll love – The fresh strawberry products.

Tour around the Dambatenne Tea Factory

Exploring one of the pioneering tea factories in the island is guaranteed to make you and the kids appreciate the morning cuppa all the more. Visit this tea factory to find out how that warm brew is made from a few tender leaves, you can even visit a tea estate and pluck your own leaves (even if it’s just for the ‘gram!). A tour around the factory will take you through the intricate process of making the finest tea in the world, and also showcases how tea production has changed over the years. If you found a tour to the tea factory interesting, embark on a Ceylon tea adventure with your family too.

Tour times – From 9am – 5pm.

Tour fees – LKR 250

Trekking through the Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

If you’re a family of adventure seekers, then head to the Thangamale Bird Sanctuary for the day. Located in close proximity to the main town of Haputale, exploring this nature reserve requires you to trek through some off-the-beaten tracks, if you are to experience the best of it. Pack a pair of binoculars with you so you could spot some of the park’s colourful inhabitants – the kids will definitely love spotting the numerous birds here.

This adventurous trek will take you through some of the more unique paths that showcase a different view of the hill country. Mountain ranges such as Thotupola, St. Catherine’s, Hakgala, Dambatenne, Piduruthalagala, and Namunukula can be seen on a clear day, giving you a spectacular view of the island’s iconic natural attractions. Check out these mountain hikes that are easy enough for kids.

What to wear – Comfortable attire and walking shoes. Carry a light jacket too.

Best time to visit – Between June to September.

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