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Casuarina Beach

Along the northern perimeter of the coastal village of Karaitivu is Casuarina Beach, arguably the most popular one in the northern peninsula. Known by many names, including Cashoorina and Casoorina, the beach derives its name from the numerous Casuarina trees that fringe its shore.

Located about 20 km from Jaffna, Casuarina Beach is an ideal spot for a beach vacay for a number of reasons. The wide expanse it covers is picturesque, with endless gentle waves curling against the astonishingly pure white sand. The shallow waters means it’s quite safe for families to take a dip, and the trees provide ample shade if the sun gets too hot to handle.

Towards the east, you could spy the Karainagar Lighthouse, located at the very tip of the beach. The bold lighthouse adds to the landscape’s gorgeous view, making it look like something out of a painting.

The beach is a 45 minute drive away from Jaffna town, and can also be reached by bus. The route takes you through the village, and across the Palk Strait before you finally reach the beach. Of course, it’s quite a popular hangout spot for locals and tourists alike, so if you’d rather avoid the crowds, try and get there in the early morning, so you can fully enjoy the serene surroundings and go for a swim in its chilly morning waters. You could occasionally spot fishermen dragging out their boats, and they often let visitors join them on their fishing expeditions, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Changing rooms and food stalls could be found along the coast, so once you’re done with your swim, you can dry yourself up and settle down with some yummy Sri Lankan snacks!