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Charty Beach

About 15km away from the city of Jaffna is the white sandy beach known as ‘Charty Beach’, a beautiful little spot far from noise and crowds commonly found at the more popular beaches of Sri Lanka. Due to the Civil War, the beach had remained vastly untouched until after it ended. Today, you can find many resorts a short distance away from it, making it a great remote beach vacation area.

Palm and coconut trees line the shore like markers of a tropical paradise, and the almost always sunny weather at this beach ensures you can get that tan without a worry! Little huts also dot the beach, so if you need to get away from the sun and rest in the shade, you could always hop into one.

Vendors have set up shop away from the shore, selling numerous local delicacies, so don’t hesitate to drop by a stall and try some exquisite Sri Lankan street food! If you’re eager to take a dip, feel free to dive right in! Charty Beach has plenty of changing rooms, so getting drenched is no problem at all.

The picturesque beach combines sapphire blue waters with stunning white sand to paint an exotic view that is certain to heal your soul and please your eyes. Charty Beach has all the amenities minus the large crowds, so it’s ideal for those who would like to take a break from the crowds and just chill with the waves.