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Adventurous Activities to Engage in with your Friends in Kalpitiya

A holiday with your friends in Sri Lanka will be just what the doctor ordered, especially if you’re looking to switch off from the daily grind and enjoy a dose of sun, sand and surf. For the group that constantly seeks adventures and thrills, drive to Kalpitiya for an enriching and exciting getaway.

About Kalpitiya

Bordered by the Puttalam Lagoon and the Indian Ocean, the town is the ideal destination for thrill-seekers, as it has a variety of water sports to take advantage of. From kitesurfing and paddleboarding to whale watching and diving, here are some of the highly recommended activities to engage in with your friends in Kalpitiya. 


Kitesurfing is a mandatory excursion for anyone visiting Kalpitiya, as it’s known to be the best and only kitesurfing venue on the island. Certain areas of the Puttalam Lagoon rack up some strong winds, which allow you and your friends to take advantage of and surf the waters at great speeds. Challenge your friends to this activity as you learn a new skill together. Keep in mind though that this activity can only be done during a particular season that generally lasts from May to September, and sometimes will often last until October. 


Another great adventurous activity that you and your friends are guaranteed to enjoy is diving and snorkelling around the coral reefs. The nearby Bar Reef is the longest coral reef, measuring approximately 130km in length, which gives your group the best opportunity to witness Sri Lanka’s unique marine life that thrives in its waters. From endangered turtles to reef sharks, experience the colourful side to Kalpitiya. Make sure you take your GoPro along with you, because the marine life you encounter here may not be found anywhere else on the island. Keep in mind though that diving and exploring this reef requires you and your buddies to be PADI certified.

Whale Watching

From October to May, the waters of Kalpitiya attract dolphins and whales. However, the best months to spot them are in February, March and April, where the waters are much warmer and therefore more enticing for these giant beasts of the sea. Embark on a dolphin and whale watching safari to the depths of the big blue with your friends! There are a few vendors to choose from; most of which are just lined up on the beach waiting for you. On your excursion (and depending entirely on their mood), you’ll be able to spot Blue whales, Sperm whales or even the rare Omura whale. 

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Stand Up Paddleboarding

The Kappalady Lagoon that is very close to the main town of Kalpitiya is home to some of the best mangroves on the island that can easily be explored. If your holiday is all about new experiences, try Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP for short). This unique way of exploring the mangroves and gentle waters of the lagoon gives you the chance to witness the exotic beauty of the island at your own pace. A fun experience with your friends awaits! 

From kitesurfing in the Puttalam Lagoon to diving in the largest reef in the island, Kalpitiya is a prime location for adventure when travelling in the western coast of the island.

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