Romantic Places To Watch The Sunrise In The Hill Country Romantic Places To Watch The Sunrise In The Hill Country Explore


Watching a sunrise, no matter where you are in the world, ignites a certain kind of fire within you; inspiring you, urging you to fall in love, with yourself and better yet the world that unfolds before you. Watching a sunrise with a special someone, amplifies this feeling more.

As you hop, skip and jump across the island with your partner, waking up before dawn breaks is an experience that should not be missed up – even though the cosy hotel room might be reluctant to let you leave its warm grasp!

The misty mountains are perfect to watch the sunrise; the encircling mountains seem to muffle out all sounds and you’re left with a quiet moment just as the sun peeks its bright eyes from the mountains, casting light on the verdant hills. We’ve lined up the best spots to watch  a stunning sunrise from –

Lipton’s Seat, Haputale

A spectacular place to watch the sunrise from, Lipton’s Seat is a viewpoint in Haputale named after a founding father of Sri Lanka’s tea industry- Sir Thomas Lipton. The lookout is located at the edge of the Dambatenne Tea Factory, home of the iconic Ceylonta Tea, and has a stunning view of the surrounding lush tea bush-covered hills. Get here just before 6am to watch the sunrise. The viewpoint generally gets crowded and busy between 7-9am, and after 10am, a thick fog blocks out the stunning view. You can enjoy a cup of Ceylon tea and fresh roti at the small vendor located  here for a nourishing local breakfast!

Ella Rock, Ella

Ella has become the most popular town in the hill country; and has gained the titled of being a ‘must- visit’ destination, replacing centuries-old towns like Nuwara Eliya in terms of popularity.

However, as many travellers tend to sleep in, watching a sunrise from Ella Rock is ideal to get away from the crowds. Roughly a two-hour hike from the centre of town, the trek is well worth the effort, but certainly requires you to have a moderate level of fitness. Watch the sunrise above the tall peaks as the sky changes and the shadows play against the horizon. Another great viewpoint to watch the sunrise from is Ella Gap, but tends to get more crowded as it’s closer to the town, in comparison with Ella Rock.

Head back into town and enjoy a hearty breakfast at one of the popular restaurants in Ella.

Moon Plains, Nuwara Eliya

Moon Plains is a plateau surrounded by tall mountains covered in dense cloud forests. Made up of vast rolling plains, uncharacteristic for the region, the area is home to an array of animals including deer, elk and even the occasional leopard. The lookout’s main attraction is Mini World’s End (one of the many in Sri Lanka), a cliff face with a sudden sharp drop that gives a vantage point of the surrounding peaks. This off-the-beaten path attraction is an excellent place to watch the sunrise from with your partner.

Adam’s Peak, Hatton

Watching the sunrise from Adam’s Peak is extraordinary. Also known as Sri Pada, the mountain is significant for all the major religions in the country and around 3 million people make the pilgrimage to the summit. Unlike the previously mentioned locations, when climbing Sri Pada will not be as intimate or exclusive, as you’ll be watching the sunrise with a hundred other people too. However, this itself adds to the electric atmosphere of a sunrise.

To get the most out of your hike, start your journey a little after midnight- it is a long hike and there will be some bottlenecks – to ensure you’ll reach the summit just before sunrise. The season for climbing Adam’s Peak runs during the drier months from December to May.

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