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Ranweli Spice Garden

Around an hour’s drive north of Kandy, the Ranweli Spice Garden is situated in Kawudupelella in Matale and pays homage to the long history of Sri Lankan spices. Herbs and spices play a major role in Sri Lankan cuisine, believed to add flavour to food whilst also boosting healthy compounds that fight inflammation and reduce damage to the body’s cells. Herbs are derived from the leaves of a plant, while spices are generally made from its seeds, berries, bark or root. Several of these plants that are key to traditional Sri Lankan cooking can be found at the Ranweli Spice Garden.

Situated halfway between the major cities of Kandy and Dambulla, the garden features a variety of spice plants including turmeric, cardamom, ginger, vanilla and nutmeg trees. The plants are grown in neatly arranged nursery beds using methods that do not harm the environment, and rows of piled up coconut husks contribute to the eco-friendly atmosphere. Guests may try out the different spices, and observe the spice- and medicinal-plants being grown in their natural environment. Visitors should note that cinnamon trees are protected by Sri Lankan law and are not to be harmed. The garden offers free head massages, spiced tea with vanilla, or hot chocolate. If requested, the staff working at the garden will also provide live Sri Lankan cooking demonstrations. There is also a store on the premises that allows visitors to purchase products made from the garden’s own plants.