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Madunagala Hot Wells

The Madunagala Hot Wells, sometimes referred to as ‘Madunagala Hot Springs’ is a unique attraction in Hambantota, as it is the only type of attraction that has a stark resemblance to that of the Kanniya Hot Springs in northern Trincomalee. Similar to its northern counterpart, the Madunagala Hot Springs is also known for its unique healing waters, which has attracted visitors from around the country to immerse themselves in. Scientific research claims that this is due to the geothermal heating that takes place before it reaches the well, that gives the water 22 important minerals, such as sulphate, nitrate, and chloride to name but three of the prominent ones. 

Presently, there are six wells that can be used by the public, along with other facilities that allow you to bathe using the warm water. A mini aquarium, a zoo, and a play area are also available for the children, making it an ideal place for picnicking with the family too. The hot springs are so famed for their healing properties that the monks in the nearby hermitage also use these waters for cleansing their bodies. As a result, many pilgrims also take the opportunity to bathe in these waters to cure themselves of skin problems and other diseases.

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