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Being an island on the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is blessed with golden sandy beaches and azure waters. Hence, it is only fitting that it has become a much sought-after destination for watersports. From white water rafting in Kitulgala to surfing in Arugam Bay, this little paradise island has something for every thrill seeker. Among this spectrum of water sports, kitesurfing has gained special recognition and has put Sri Lanka on the list of best kitesurfing destinations in Asia. If you’re travelling by yourself, kitesurfing is a great experience; to learn a new sport and meet like-minded individuals too. 

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Why Kalpitiya?

Kalpitiya, located in the North-Western province has gained popularity as one of the windiest places in Asia making it a must-visit destination for any kitesurfer. With pristine isolated beaches and breathtaking sunsets, it offers the ideal setting for both adventure and relaxation. Start your explorations here; it’s the perfect place to fully immerse in the culture, cuisine and adventure of Sri Lanka.

Accommodation in Kalpitiya

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation compared to a few years ago, as it has evolved into an attractive tourist destination. From kitesurfer-friendly lodgings by the beach to luxurious hotels, Kalpitiya offers a range of options to suit any type of budget. Enjoy delectable local delights from kottu to string hoppers, during your stay at any of these hotels too. 

Kitesurfing Lessons 

All the action takes place on the Kalpitiya Lagoon – its gentle waters and a steady gust of winds during peak season caters to kite surfers of all levels. If you are a beginner, there are a host of kitesurfing schools to choose from that will teach you the tricks of the trade. They also offer their own accommodation packages making it ideal for beginners. With plenty of space available on the beach, you can enjoy lessons with your instructor at your own pace. If you are a pro and want to get away from the crowds, all you have to do is kite to the edge of the lagoon and launch yourself from there instead. 

Kitesurfing Seasons in Kalpitiya

There are two main seasons for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, the primary season runs from May to September, as the winds are strong and ideal for kite surfers. That’s exactly why pro riders like Ruben Lenten and Mikali Sol make their way down here too. Hence, if you are a pro, the peak season is your best chance to take full advantage of the challenging winds. Make sure to head over to the ‘Donkey Spot’ a short distance out from the Kalpitiya Lagoon where you might find waves that measure 1.5 to 3 meters.

The months from December to the end of February offer slightly calmer winds; ideal for beginners as the water conditions become more manageable. Moreover, the flat water and shallow depth of the lagoon allows for beginners to get used to the board on the water.  Head over to any of the kite schools and enrol yourself in a beginner kitesurfing course – a great experience for solo travellers in Sri Lanka.

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