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Is Sri Lanka Safe?

All travel advisories advising against travel to Sri Lanka were progressively lifted in May and June 2019. Normalcy has entirely returned and bookings are strong for the winter season.

In July, Lonely Planet reaffirmed Sri Lanka as the best country to visit in 2019, which was initially awarded in 2018.

Also in July, Travel + Leisure, a US-based travel magazine which has 4.8 million readers worldwide, ranked Sri Lanka Number 1 in its list of ‘The 15 Best Islands in the World’.

The New Zealand cricket team toured Sri Lanka in August which was a busy month for tourism with the spectacular annual Kandy Perahera [elephant procession], carrying the tooth of the Lord Buddha.

The Easter Sunday outrage was carried out by a small group who has been previously reported to the authorities by the entirely moderate Muslim community in Sri Lanka. The authorities had been lulled into complacency after a decade of peace. Intelligence and Security measures have been considerably tightened.

This was the first ever attack in Sri Lanka’s history targeted at tourists and was connected with geopolitics, unrelated to Sri Lanka. They wanted to travel to Syria and when that failed, decided to act locally. The entire membership of the group are either dead or in custody.