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Insta-worthy views to capture during the Trail

The Pekoe Trail, also known as the Tea Trail, is a beautiful trek in Sri Lanka that takes you through lush tea plantations, picturesque landscapes, and stunning viewpoints. For those who are looking for an adventure that offers incredible views for their Instagram feed, the Pekoe Trail is the perfect destination.

Here are some of the insta-worthy views that you can capture during your Pekoe Trail trek:

The Pekoe Trail takes you through tea plantations that stretch for miles. The vibrant green color of the tea leaves against the blue sky is a sight to behold. You can capture this beautiful landscape by taking a panoramic shot of the tea plantations or a close-up shot of the tea leaves. There are several waterfalls along the Pekoe Trail that are worth capturing for your Instagram feed. You can capture the waterfall by taking a slow-motion video or a boomerang shot of the water falling. Or do one of those great video tricks that you are good at. The Pekoe Trail offers some of the best views of the sunrise and sunset. The orange and pink hues of the sky combined with the beautiful landscape create a stunning view that is perfect for your Instagram feed. Do those gorgeous time-lapses to capture the great view.

The Pekoe Trail is located at a high altitude, it takes you through the misty mountains of Sri Lanka. The view of the mountains covered in mist is breathtaking. And it is common to see clouds floating by. The clouds create a mystical and dreamy atmosphere that is perfect for those pretty clicks.

The Trail is a paradise for nature lovers and Instagram enthusiasts. The trail offers stunning views of tea plantations, waterfalls, sunsets, train tracks, clouds, tea factories, and mountains. Make sure to bring your camera or smartphone and capture the beauty of this magical place for your Instagram feed. Surely you will catch more content than you think!