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Hulu River Waterfall

Hulu River Waterfall (better known to locals as the Huluganga Falls) is a stunning waterfall that is located in Huluganga Town (a village within the Central Province of Sri Lanka) and is regarded by local villagers as a key part of their heritage. It lies approximately 30 kilometres away from the town of Kandy. Rising to a height of around 75 meters, the surging falls are known to scatter a fine sprinkle of water over the nearby villages of Elliyadda and Aratthana. The location has also seen a rise in popularity with locals in recent years because of a popular television show (“Mansion by the Fall”) that was filmed in the area.

The Hulu River begins at the Knuckles Mountain Range (or the “Mist-laden Mountain Range”), which is a series of mountains known for being cloaked in thick layers of cloud. Huluganga Falls is one of several waterfalls that originates from a stream within the range. The water continues its journey past the falls and down into the Victoria Reservoir (or Victoria Dam), the tallest dam in Sri Lanka.

In addition to the beauty of the waterfall on its own, the river that feeds and flows from Huluganga Falls is known to stay clear of mud even during periods of rain, mainly due to the rocks, grass and plant life that line the river bed and the generally lower levels of environmental pollution in the area.