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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Sigiriya is not just a place of historical and cultural importance in Sri Lanka, but it’s also a significant feat of architecture, with thousands upon thousands of individuals flocking to it to experience its grandeur for themselves every year. But climbing up this monolith isn’t the only way to with its beauty!

Of course, we’re talking about hopping on a hot air balloon and soaring high. As Sigiriya is situated in the midst of lush greenery, you won’t be starved for beautiful sights. The tranquil countryside is both appeasing to the heart and the eyes, and you’re likely to spot herds of elephants and buffalo roaming the plains.

Hot Air Ballooning hasn’t been a popular option in Sri Lanka for very long, only truly taking off (pun intended) in recent years, but it’s still gaining popularity rapidly as it offers riders a bird’s eye view of Sigiriya—one like never before. A picture from up there would certainly be worth more than a thousand words! And, as the cherry on top, you’ll be served a celebratory glass of champagne upon landing, so it’s a win all around!

If you’re travelling with children, they’d need to be over the age of seven, and the hot air balloon rides need to be pre-booked. You’ll find the operators well-versed in addressing any of your concerns, so fret not! Help is always available.

And if you’re travelling with your partner, then opting for a hot balloon ride will certainly stir some romance in the air. With the blue sky and unfurling clouds as your backdrop and the formidable yet romantic ruins below, few could argue with that!

That’s not to say the lonesome traveler can’t extract joy from this experience! It’s a perfectly blissful view and a quieter ride than any you could have on the ground. If some time to think and space from the cacophony down below is what you need, hot air ballooning might be a good choice for you.