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Horton Plains National Park

The Horton Plains National Park, situated in Ohiya, is arguably the most popular attraction within the Central Province. The hazy plains is a goldmine of flora and fauna, with excellent grassy terrains to trek and even rivers running slithering lines along the bases of its facades.

On average, its plains reach up to 6,900 to 7,500 ft in height, and grasslands and cloud forests cover its surfaces. The plains are the headwaters of three rivers; namely the Kelani, Mahaweli, and Walawe. With this cross-section of different ecosystems comes the opportunity to see many unique species of animals and plants in one area.
Don’t forget to go prepared for some wildlife spotting! The Horton Plains National Park is known for its herds of sambar deer, as well as the flocks of beautiful birds that visit as well as reside here, like the green-billed coucal(Centropus chlororhynchos) and up to about 90 other species. Also, the Kitulgala Rainforest neighbours the Horton Plains, which is where most of these animals come from!

Of course, if a bit of adrenaline is what you’re after, we recommend you visit the World’s End, a 4,000 ft drop that is clouded over with mist almost throughout the day. Due to the low visibility, you’ll want to be extra careful, but aside from that, it’s a thrilling experience!

With an average annual temperature of around 14-16⁰C, it can get a bit chilly up there, so best wrap yourself up nice and warm before you visit. The welcoming and open Horton Plains National Park is a great spot for family, group or even solo trips, as there’s something for everyone here.