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Colombo Lotus Tower

Soaring Above the City

Rising out of the shores of Beira Lake in Colombo, the Lotus Tower is a landmark skyscraper that holds the titles for the tallest self-supported structure in South Asia; the 11th-tallest completed tower in Asia; and the 19th-tallest tower in the world, as of 2019. Standing at 350 meters tall (or 1,150 feet), the Colombo Lotus Tower was built to improve the transmission quality of television, radio and communication services in the city by acting as a single major transmissions hub. By housing these different services in one location, the city could also benefit from reducing Colombo’s overall environmental impact and carbon footprint.

What to Expect

The Lotus Tower will contain a revolving restaurant that can seat up to 600 guests for an unforgettable experience in fine dining on the fifth floor, luxury suites to accommodate visitors on its sixth floor, and an observation gallery showcasing amazing views of the Colombo skyline on the seventh floor. It will also host a shopping mall, food courts, supermarkets and a communications museum.

The construction of Colombo Lotus Tower has been said to signify Sri Lanka’s continual development and growth, while its lotus-flower design is said to represent the truth, purity and discipline symbolized in Sri Lanka’s national flower: the blue lotus (also called the blue water lily). At night, the trunk of the tower is lit up by floodlights while the petals at its crown are illuminated by smoothly alternating lights in shades of pink and yellow.

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