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Adam’s Bridge

Located in Sri Lanka’s Northern Province, Adam’s Bridge is a chain of limestone shoals that connects the northern end of the country’s Mannar Island to the southeastern coast of Pamban Island in India. Measuring a distance of approximately 48 kilometers, geological evidence indicates that the bridge may have once existed as a land connection between the two neighbouring countries. There are two major theories that consider this: the first is that the land rose over a period of time to create a landmass that linked the two countries; the second is that the connection had always existed, but that it had disappeared underwater over time.

The landmark is known as Adam’s Bridge because some early Islamic sources claimed that Adam landed on Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka when he first fell to earth, before undertaking to cross to India via the bridge.

This bridge is also known as Rama’s Bridge due to Hindu legends that claim their own story of its origins. Ravana, the demon king of Lanka, is said to have kidnapped the wife of Rama, a major Hindu deity. Brahma, the creator god of Hinduism, is said to have created an army of warrior monkeys (called “vanara”) to aid Rama on his quest to reclaim his wife. Legend has it that the vanara constructed Rama’s Bridge to connect the two lands within five days.

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