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4 Places to Watch the Sunset From in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to some of the best beaches in the world, so naturally, it also hosts some of the best sunsets. Even though everything looks more beautiful when washed over by the golden light of a sunset, sunsets along the coast are exceptional. Here are some of the most perfect places to watch the sunset from in Sri Lanka with your loved one.

1. Kalpitiya

Kalpitiya is situated on the North-Western coast of Sri Lanka, and it is unlike any other coast as it consists of 14 islands. It is a fishing village, but lately, it has been attracting more tourists as it is one of the best areas to spot dolphins, with many boat tours offering this. We recommend going for a sunset boat cruise along the Kalpitiya lagoon– it is incredibly romantic!

2. Tangalle

One of the largest towns of the southern province, watching a sunset in Tangalle is a must. Tangalle’s coast differs to that of the rest of the island; with large rocks around the shore rather than the sandy beaches, and green beachside foliage encroaches the shore, it is far more rugged than its counterparts. Needless to say, Tangalle is one of the most romantic beaches, especially for those who are searching for a quiet place to watch the sunset. Head to one of the beachfront restaurants or bars that are dotted along the coast to make your sunset experience more memorable.

3. Mannar

The main town is on Mannar Island which is dotted with baobab trees and it overlooks the Gulf of Mannar. Even though Mannar is not known for its beaches, you can enjoy a lovely sunset from the ramparts of the Portuguese Fort built in 1560. The town has an interesting history, and in ancient times it was the hub for the pearl fisheries. This is the perfect place for couples who are interested in local history. Enjoy a romantic stroll together and watch the sunset from the quiet shores before heading to a local beachside restaurant for a quick snack!

4. Matara

Matara is the southernmost point of the island, and on its tip is the Dondra Head lighthouse, which is believed to be the oldest lighthouse of Sri Lanka. Sunsets from the lighthouse are particularly breathtaking, as the structure towers against a sky of varying shades; which is sure to leave you breathless! Alternatively, if you’re enjoying the day on the beach and are hesitant to leave the refreshing waters, hold your partner close to you and watch the sun as it dips over the horizon. A picnic on the shore, with local snacks and delicacies, will also be a romantic way to end the day on our island.

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